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Managing Grub Masters


Managing the Patrol Food Purchase is one of the more intensive tasks for the Outing Scoutmaster. A part of the Trip Planning Checklist, this supplemental guide will help make the Food Purchasing go smoothly.

You need to have a solid head count the meeting before the Outing to facilitate:

  • Budgeting
  • Menu Planning
  • Food Buying


You need to be familiar with the following guides for Grub Masters:

  • Grub Master Guide
  • Patrol Menu Planner
  • A Parent's Guide to Grub Master

You must take a hard stance on these points:

  • Menus must be approved and signed off by an Adult Leader - No Exceptions.
  • Using your smartphone, take a picture of the Menu and Shopping List.
  • Scout's will forget their menu and shopping list.
  • If the Shopping List is not complete, the Grub Master must complete the Shopping List BEFORE they begin shopping for food.
  • Without it, they cannot stay within budget.
  • Without it, they will over/underbuy.
  • You can point the Grub Master to Outdoor Cooking for Menu Ideas.

Coordinating Food Buying

Usually Food Purchasing happens at the Peachtree City Walmart on the Wednesday or Thursday before the campout. Troop 279 meets as a group at a predetermined time to start shopping. Grub Masters should have a complete menu and shopping list with them. This is a requirement.

If you meet on Thursday night, remember the Scouts may have Homework and MUST pack for the Campout. Food Buying usually lasts around 1 1/2 hours The Parent(s) of the Grub Master(s) will be responsible for supervising their scout as they purchase food. You cannot manage 2-3 Patrols shopping You are probably the Adult Grub Master, so You have to buy food as well.

The Troop provides the following dry goods

  • paper towels
  • toilet paper (you should be carrying this yourself)
  • dish soap
  • and similar items.

The Troop provides the following perishables

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Bug Juice
  • Catsup, Mustard, Mayonaise, salt & pepper

Patrols should NOT purchase or bring the following items

  • Paper plates, plastic cutlery
  • soft drinks, disposable water bottles, bottled Gatorade and similar bottled drinks.
  • This policy is to reduce waste, trash and litter, reduce weight and keep the ice necessary to prevent spoilage of food from being consumed to cool drinks.

Patrol Equipment

The meeting before the Campout, get the Patrol Dry Boxes and Coolers (one per patrol) and bring them to Walmart. The Scouts will place their food items in these containers and take them home.

The Grub Master's take their Patrol's food home and must bring it back for the Outing. They must ensure there is sufficient ice to keep food cold for the outing The Patrol Leaders will sign out their Patrol Kitchens and be responsible for its return (clean and serviceable)


We have found that presenting the Patrol Grub Master with an envelope that contains the budgeted amount of cash for their Patrol keeps overspending to a minimum.

Any food purchases over the budgeted amount will have to be covered by the Grub Master's Parent.

The Grub Master will return any unused funds after purchasing the Patrol's food. Excess funds are returned to the Troop to buy troop supplies: bug juice, paper towels, soap, etc. The Grub Master will give the receipt to the Outing Scoutmaster (You will need this to get reimbursed). If you cannot afford to fill envelops with cash, please see Jack Parks or the Troop Treasurer for an advance of the funds.

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