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A Parent's Guide to Grub Master

Important Notes

  • Parents will accompany their Grub Master scout on food buying night.
  • An Adult Leader will be at the grocery Store to (a) give you the budgeted money or (b) pay for the groceries.
  • We encourage to take this opporunity to teach your scout about
    • The cost of food
    • Budgeting
    • Comparison shopping
    • Healthy food choices

Don't Buy

Patrols should NOT purchase or bring the following items:

  • Paper plates, plastic cutlery
  • soft drinks, disposable water bottles, bottled Gatorade and similar bottled drinks.

This policy is to reduce waste, trash and litter, reduce weight and keep the ice necessary to prevent spoilage of food from being consumed to cool drinks.

The Troop provides the following

Dry Goods

  • paper towels
  • toilet paper (your Scout should have this as a standard part of his pack)
  • dish soap
  • and similar items.

The Troop is responsible for ensuring sufficient amounts of water are available and we normally have large water coolers of drink mix and cold water available for all. Orange juice and milk are permitted when listed on the approved Patrol Menu as a part of a meal.


Hot Chocolate Bug Juice (aka Kool-aide) Catsup, Mustard, Syrup, Salt, Pepper

Food Safety

We need your help with food safety.

The Troop generally does not have access to additional ice during a campout. By Saturday night, most Patrols have an ice chest with all the contents floating in ice and water. This brings significant risk of cross-contamination and illness. To limit this risk, all raw meats should be repackaged, with the store container removed, and DOUBLE PACKED inside a Ziploc bag or other container that can be sealed to prevent the escape of blood or other liquids. Any food items that will be consumed without cooking, such as lunch meats, cheeses and fruits, should be similarly double sealed to prevent contamination to the product or its packaging. Whenever possible, items should be separately packaged and marked by meal (e.g., “Sunday Breakfast”) to minimize the chance of the contents being disturbed before proper consumption time.

To recap

  • The fewer items that require refrigeration, the better. Ice is limited on campouts.
  • Double bag all meats in ziplock bags. As ice melts in the cooler, the water penetrates the original packaging and cross contaminates ALL the food in the cooler.
  • Repackaging foods in zip lock bags can make meals lighter to carry and quantities can be adjusted. Just remember to either write the directions on the bag or cut them off the package and put them in the bag. Many foods can be mixed/re-hydrated in these bags.

Nutritional Concerns

On campouts, every scout is working hard and burning a lot of energy. Prepare meals that are filling, nutritious, and tasty. When helping your scout purchase the meals, pick quality foods that are not loaded with sugar, fats, or can be categorized as junk food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are wholesome, inexpensive, and easy to store and transport. The fewer items that require refrigeration, the better. Ice is limited on campouts.

Represent the basic food groups at every meal.

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Proteins
  • Dairy


A Scout is Thrifty:

  • They will have a menu and a shopping list.
  • The menu will be approved by an Adult leader.
  • Your scout will have a budget for food for the campout.
  • A typical weekend campout food budget is $12-15 per Scout.
  • Money will be given to the grub master on the night we are going to buy food.
  • If you go over budget you will have to cover the difference and go back to your Patrol members to get reimbursed for the difference. If you are under budget, the money should be returned to your patrol members. Ask the Scoutmaster if a budget has already been set for meals.

The Grub Master for each patrol should have a menu approved by their Patrol and an Adult Leader. They are not allowed to deviate from the menu. They are buying for 6-8 other scouts - not for themselves.

Use the Patrol Menu Planner!

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