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The Weekly Newsletter goes out every Wednesday. The newsletter has a list of upcoming events that you and your scout may sign up for. Please check the following information:

  • Make sure you scout's medical form is up to date.
  • Turn in your money or use the scout's Troop account.
  • We need a solid head count the meeting BEFORE the outing. Please sign up promptly.

There are a lot of logistics that must occur before the outing:

  • We have to collect the medical forms.
  • We have to develop menu's and shopping lists.
  • We have to create duty rosters.
  • We have to pay money to the camping location.
  • Late cancelations may result in loss of signup money. We have to pay for camping and budget for food purchases.

Before Trip

Part of Scouting is learning to be responsible for oneself. Scouts should be responsible for packing all of their personal belongings for Troop outings.

Each Scout is responsible for his personal equipment. Always pack lightly and only bring the essentials. Everything should be marked with the Scout’s name and “Troop 279.” All the gear should fit into a backpack or medium-size duffel bag. If it doesn’t fit, the Scout has packed too much stuff!

That being said, it's never a bad idea to ask questions and check that your scout has all his gear. There are several resources to help facilitate a successful camping experience.

  • Reference the Generic Packing List
  • Check the weather forecast to determine the type of equipment needed.
  • Troop 279 Cold Weather Camping Guide
  • Troop 279 Warm Weather Camping Guide
  • Camping Information is found in the Boy Scout Handbook in Chapter 9.

If your Scout is the Grub Master, they may have to go shopping a day or two before the campout. The Troop usually meets as a group at the Peachtree City Walmart to buy food.

Day of Trip

The time listed on Calendar is the Leave Time, please be at the meeting location 15-25 minutes early. If your Scout is Grub Master, please make sure they bring the FOOD and MENU. One Adult Leader is designated to keep all the medicine. Please give your scouts medicine to this adult leader.


Your scout will call you when the driver is about 30 minutes out from the pick up location. Your scout may have additional duties to perform, they are not immediately free to go.

  • They may have to take home some patrol equipment
  • They may have to take home extra food.

Your scout needs to sign out with the Adult leader in charge.

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