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Why Be a Troop 279 Leader

Troop 279 has the program it does because of the hard work and dedication of Parents, Grandparents, and other Family members. YOU are the Adult Leaders. Adults support the program - The Scouts run it.

There are activities that must be accomplished in the support role.

  • Safety & Security
  • Activity Planning
  • Advancement & Mentoring

Troop Adult Leadership Positions Focus Areas


  • Behind the scenes
  • Monthly Committee Meetings


  • Out front
  • Uniformed
  • Mentors

Safety and Security

We must ensure the safety of our scouts. BSA and Troop 279 requires two deep leadership at all times. We need registered leaders to help with Outings, Campouts, Service Projects, Troop Meetings.

The Guide to Safe Scouting dictates how we operate the Troop Activities.

Activity Planning

The more Registered Adult Leaders the less burden everyone must carry. Most positions focus on a SINGLE event per year. These events take some planning, but we have plenty of experience and help available.

There will always more than one person helping - you just need to coordinate.

Adult Responsibilities

  • Medical
  • Tour Permits
  • Financial Support - collect and distribute funds
  • Advancement and Mentoring

Great Resources

Registered Leaders may be able to take advantage of Tax incentive

I advise you to consult a tax person

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