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When a Scout takes on a new leadership position in the troop, he will immediately want to know what is expected of him and how he can fulfill his leadership obligations successfully. Although curious about the concept of leadership, the Scouts might not know who to approach or even what questions to ask. The three Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops modules have been developed to help Scout leaders understand their roles and to provide them with a foundation for successfully executing their leadership responsibilities.

Who is ILST For?

This course is for every Scout in the troop who holds a leadership position, including all elected positions and any appointed positions at the discretion of the senior patrol leader. In some troops, this might mean that this course is for every Scout! In fact, it’s desired that every member of the troop have some kind of leadership responsibility every year, even if it’s just a minor responsibility.

It is strongly preferred that all Scout leaders participate in this course at the start of each term of office, even if they have participated before, and even if they are filling the same leadership position. It is beneficial for the group of Scout leaders to go through this course together, even if only some of them are new leaders. Two key purposes of this course are the establishment of personal goals for each Scout leader and the effective formation of the leadership team. Both of these purposes are best achieved if all the Scout leaders do this together.


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